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ERTS² 2018 : Toulouse from January 31 to February 2, 2018

Be part of the 2018 edition of ERTS² Congress

Following the successes of the previous editions, both industry and research people involved in embedded systems will come back to Toulouse from January 31 to February 2, 2018 at the Pierre Baudis Conference Center for the ERTS² congress.

This event, organized every two years since 2002 by 3AF, SEE and SIA, remains unique in Europe.

With this 9th edition, ERTS² promises to be again an exceptional meeting place for academics, research and industry involved in embedded systems. While Toulouse has further strengthened its position as a crossroads of high technologies for embedded systems in the field of transport either on ground, in the air, or in space, the pink city will again bring together those who are building the future of this sector.

The 2018 edition will offer lectures and keynotes of the greatest interest. Joseph Sifakis, 2007 Turing Award, Scientific Chairman since the 2014 edition, and Alexandre Corjon, Vice President of Renault-Nissan in charge of automotive electronics, will carry the aspirations of the industry in full effervescence facing the challenges of tomorrow’s transport and Internet of Things.
From the first day, a Top-level Engineering leader of Airbus, and Raja Chatila, Director of the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics of the UMPC, Paris 6, will allow us to discover respectively, what Airbus is doing in terms of transport autonomy and the IEEE initiative around the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Systems and autonomous systems.
And during the second and third day the other keynotes speakers Max Lemke, Head of Unit European Commission CONNECT Technologies and Systems for Digitizing Industry, and Xavier Leroy, senior research scientist at INRIA in Paris, will give us their view on autonomous cyber-physical systems.

Because of the origin of the members of its program committee, 11 countries represented, and also the number of speakers from all around the world, ERTS² has already given itself since several editions an international scale. For example, the program committee received more than 110 communications proposals from twenty different countries with, as in 2016, a preponderance of France and Germany. 85 proposals have been shortlisted to develop the preliminary program that will be confirmed in a month upon receipt of the final publications.

For this 9th edition, the theme of autonomous cyber-physical systems, in particular intelligent transport systems, in connection with certification, safety and security comes top of the list.

The deployment and the embedding of multi and many-core platforms in such systems are still a hot topic of the conference. The use of formal methods, modeling, and simulation techniques to support critical systems development remains also at the center of almost half of the publication proposals. Finally, we also notice a revival of interest for artificial intelligence technologies and distributed systems.

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